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Texas has been recognized nationally for having one of the most dynamic, comprehensive higher education accountability systems in the nation. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) deploys higher education data in a variety of formats to ensure that state policy discussions and decisions are data-driven. The online accountability system was first launched in 2004 to support the work of institutional researchers and higher education policy analysts. In 2011, the THECB released the first edition of the Texas Public Higher Education Almanac, designed to disseminate the most relevant institutional accountability data to public officials and higher education leaders throughout Texas. We are now pleased to usher in the next stage of evolution for higher education accountability and transparency.
Compare College TX is a mobile-friendly, interactive website targeted to parents, students, and high school advisors to help answer questions that matter most to prospective students, such as: how much will this college cost, what percentage of students are accepted to this college, and how likely am I to graduate on time from this college? Compare College TX enhances an existing suite of online tools designed to help Texas students and their parents plan for college in four stages: inspiration, explorationinformation, and application.
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About the THECB
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's mission is to work with the Legislature, Governor, governing boards, higher education institutions, and other entities to help Texas meet the goals of the state's higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015, and thereby provide the people of Texas the widest access to higher education of the highest quality in the most efficient manner. 
About College for All Texans Foundation
The College for All Texans Foundation is a non-profit support organization that helps raise funds for Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board programs and activities. 
About the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided a grant to the College for All Texans Foundation and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, to improve the use of P-20 data for decision-making. This online tool has been developed with that purpose in mind, and is designed specifically to provide data that answer questions that prospective students and/or their parents may have when selecting a college. Comments on the usability of the tool should be directed to Nina Wright, Executive Director of the College for All Texans Foundation, nina.wright@thecb.state.tx.us.

About College Measures

This site was developed in partnership with College Measures. College Measures is committed to informing and improving the decision-making process for students, parents, and policy makers by making higher education data useful, usable, and used.


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